Prepaid massages which are cancelled prior to Zanctuary’s 24 hour cancellation policy window, will be charged but placed into a reserved status in the client’s account, allowing the client to use those funds at a later date, with no expiration date, as long as the account is maintained by the client with an active status.

If the client cancels in less than the 24 hour cancellation policy time limit, the massage service will still be charged in full, or, the client can opt to pay the $35 late cancellation fee. If a cancellation fee option is preferred, please communicate that with our billing dept. as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary chargeback processes. Please refer to our cancellation policy for further details.

If you have purchased any packaged non-service product and wish to return it, for whatever reason, you will be offered either a full refund or an in-house credit to apply to future services or purchases. The Zanctuary staff can help you to determine which option is best applied for any particular refund.

Please note that Zanctuary Massage cannot refund items that have been opened, used in part or in whole, or damaged by the client/user. All refunds must take place within the 14 day return period.

Zanctuary Massage and its staff and/or representative(s) reserve the right to refuse a refund based on the status and general condition of the item(s) being returned. In order to facilitate a quick and easy refund process, please ensure that you can provide us with the original packaging and sales receipt, as well as proper identification, or credit card used for the purchase.

Therapy Sessions:
We require a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please understand that your therapist’s time has been reserved especially for you.

Without 24-hour notice, a $35 cancellation fee may apply.

If you are a member or package holder, your missed appointment would result in loosing your massage for that remaining month. If you are redeeming a gift card and fail to cancel or reschedule, your gift card will be redeemed for cost of service.

If you choose to cancel your monthly membership, any and all massage credits upon your account must be used with in a 90 day window or they will no longer be active on your account.