Congratulations! There is nothing in the world like the nine-month miracle of pregnancy. Along with the miracle of giving life comes aches, pains from head to your toes and you are going to need relief.


Congratulations are in order for the mother – a new life is on its way! What a miracle – there is nothing like bringing a new person into the world. But those nine months can sometimes seem to take forever! With our prenatal therapy, we begin working together with the expectant mother in finding ways to alleviate and avoid discomforts both before as well as after the pregnancy.

Unless you are one of the lucky mothers who have been down the road of pregnancy before, you simply cannot take a class that will prepare you for the experience. There is else nothing like it. And even experienced mothers find more often than not, that each pregnancy is different, each coming with its own circumstances and demands on the mother’s body.

But on one thing most mothers can agree – there is no other time in one’s life, and no better reason than pregnancy, for being pampered by a massage therapist both during and after the pregnancy and birth of the baby.

Aside from the mental responsibility that hounds the new mother, all the “what if’s”, there are also the daily aches and pains to be dealt with – a relentless task of just getting through the day, restless nights, only to start up again when the sun rises again.

We say “Enough!” It’s time for you to come into Vancouver Massage Center, so that our professionals can pamper you with their holistic and gentle touch, in a relaxing and zen-like atmosphere where YOU are the focal point of attention.

Our masseuse team understands the needs that pregnancy requires and demands of a mother and for that reason a prenatal massage can and should only be approached after the first trimester. To ensure absolute safety and medical considerations, we only allow massage therapists with specific training and certification in prenatal massage to perform the modality.

Upon receiving your request for a prenatal massage at our massage center, you will be carefully matched with the right massage therapist, which will be based both upon your request and needs. This ensures that our team strictly adheres to the professional, medically pre-determined path that Vancouver Massage Center is known for. It is this strict adherence to a proven, medically correct massage pathway and model that allows us to believe that Vancouver Massage Center is one of the few, if not the only massage studio locally that takes the safety and concerns of a pregnant client to this extreme.

We also understand that your motherly instincts are in effect, and you want to ensure your massage session is perfect in every way for both you and baby. Your prenatal massage session will be backed by our guarantee: Vancouver Massage Center states that if your massage does not meet or exceed expectations, the next one is on us. We take the worry away.

In fact, due to our confidence in our therapists and the Zanctuary Massage Center approach to prenatal massage, we are willing to back every one of your sessions – if your massage does not meet or exceed expectations, the next one is on us. We want to take the worry away and allow you to completely relax, knowing we have your best interest, and that of your child, at heart.

And while we are talking about “the next one”, we would make the friendly suggestion that you might also consider booking multiple sessions with our therapist, in order to see and experience the true benefit of prenatal massage. The Vancouver Massage Center studio offers a cost-effective plan for mothers wanting to receive regular therapy during their pregnancy.

For those mothers who find that being pampered and relaxed in our studio and who want to continue, even after the birth of their child, we can extend even better pricing for making an investment into your health and well-being. Just ask or confer with your therapist to design the most comfortable ongoing massage therapy plan for yourself.

You deserve to be pampered. After all, you are growing another human!