Consult the Therapist

Before jumping into any massage type, it is best to consult or ask the massage therapist. Or better yet your physician on which kind of massage suits you best. There are different massage types for different body conditions. Some include the classic Swedish massage, and those that involve pressure points manipulation such as Asian techniques.

Be on Time

Being on time is a sign of preparedness. Make sure to arrive on time or 30 minutes before your appointment to relax yourself. Avoid rushing to meet your appointment, as your muscles may feel tense. Which you may find makes it hard to relax during the massage.

Communicate Clearly

Talk to the massage therapist before and during your session. Your therapist should ask you questions about your general health. Like whether you have health conditions. The massage pressure of your choice. And what areas of your body they should concentrate on and which ones to avoid. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to ask your concerns. Communicating with the massage therapist shows that you are now comfortable and relaxed.

Start the Relaxation

It is essential to take a warm shower before the appointment as a show of common courtesy to the therapist. A little rinsing off wouldn’t harm a bit. And remember to keep your feet as clean as possible because you wouldn’t like the feeling of dirt being spread all over your body, would you?

Don’t Eat

Keep in mind to not eat immediately before your appointment. Eat earlier in the day as possible and allow your body to digest properly. Having a full stomach during the massage may make you feel uncomfortable.

Do Drink

Your muscles will be dehydrated during the massage so do re-hydrate after the massage session by drinking lots of water. This will aid in building up healthy muscle tissue and flushing out the toxins that accumulate as the muscles are worked out.

Consider Waiting to Exercise

Schedule your exercise and workouts the next day. Also, it is advisable to exercise before your appointment. The massage can relax the strained muscles. Working out immediately after the session may strain the muscles that were just then relaxed. It is advised to wait for 12-24 hours before exercising to allow muscle healing time.


And most importantly, relax before, during, and after the massage appointment. Breathing normally helps you relax and feel at ease. By now, you should know the pre-massage essentials and be prepared for your upcoming session. We hope that your next appointment may be the best and most relaxing one yet!