How Massage Can Help A Stressed Out Bride-To-Be

Jennifer is getting married in a little over two weeks and is feeling very overwhelmed by all the wedding planning, dress shopping, dinner arrangements and other upcoming activities.

Jennifer’s best friend, Laura, notices the stress is taking its toll on her and decides to give her a gift certificate at Zanctuary Massage Center in Vancouver, for a 60-minute massage to help her relax,reduce her stress and let her forget everything for at least one blissful hour.

Jennifer has had clinical massages before that focused on reducing knots in her shoulders and neck, so she knows what to expect. But that was for a different kind of stress – this time it goes way deeper than that.

So, during this massage, Jennifer decides to let her massage therapist know that she primarily needs some time to recharge, find her center again, rejuvenate, refresh, and simply float away.

In response, the therapist lets Jennifer choose the music and type of oil, and she and the therapist agree that the session will be for relaxation only, with no clinical techniques.

The therapist also suggests that Jennifer stop thinking about all the things that need to be done in the future, and concentrate on the “here and now”, where she can find peace, relaxation and rest.

So she consciously sets aside her to-do list, focusing only on quieting her mind and relaxing her body by slowing her breathing. To facilitate this important relaxation period, Jennifer and the therapist agree not to talk.

The massage therapist then goes on to use techniques typically used in relaxation massage, such as kneading and passive stretching of muscles in the neck and back, as well as gliding strokes on both the front and back of legs and arms.

Those 60 minutes of separation from her hectic day are heavenly, as, at the end of session, Jennifer finds herself revitalized and confident that she will be able to manage all her tasks before the wedding.

But just in case, to preserve her sense of peace and relaxation for a bit longer, Jennifer decides not to run any errands right away, deciding instead to drive straight home and continue in the mind and state of relaxation that she found at Zanctuary.

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