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Prenatal Massage and the Benefits For Moms

Massages have been used for centuries in order to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve overall health. However, when it came to massages during pregnancy, many people from the health community used to be skeptical about whether it would actually be beneficial for the moms and if they would be safe getting a massage.

Nevertheless, thanks to modern research, we now know that prenatal massage therapy can be extremely beneficial in women’s prenatal care, and should be considered by all moms.

Even though most massage therapists would probably be able to provide you with a massage if you’re pregnant, your best bet is to find someone who’s certified in prenatal massage. Now, you might be wondering how a massage therapist is able to work with the bodies of pregnant women, but you should know that most of the certified prenatal massage therapists have special tables that have the center portion cut out, so that you can fit your belly in. Another method is to put pills around your body and between your legs for comfort.

There are several massage techniques that you can enjoy while pregnant, but the best option is a technique called Swedish massage.

This type of massage is the best option because it will provide you significant pain relief and relaxation that you need during pregnancy. However, there are numerous other health benefits that you can experience from a prenatal massage. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Reduced Swelling

Swelling of the joints is very common during pregnancy. It is usually caused by the increased pressure on your major blood vessels by the uterus, as well as reduced circulation. Massage therapy will help reduce the swelling by improving your circulation. Prenatal massages will reduce the collection of fluids in your swollen joints by stimulating your soft tissues.

Hormone Regulation

If you introduce massage therapy to your prenatal care, you won’t have the usual problem of hormone imbalances. Pregnant women are known to have mood swings, which are caused by the imbalance of hormones. Due to the fact that massage therapy will provide you with hormone regulation, you won’t have to worry about mood swings anymore. Instead, you will feel relaxed and happy.

Prenatal massage will decrease the presence of the hormones associated with stress, such as cotrisol, while increase the presence of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Hormone regulation is linked to fewer complications during birth, as well as certain newborn complication.

Nerve Pain Relief

Many women experience sciatic nerve pain during late pregnancy, usually cause by the uterus resting on the muscles of the lower back and pelvic floor. This causes your leg muscles to swell and put pressure on nerves that are nearby. By releasing the tension of these muscles, prenatal massage therapy will help relieve you of sciatic nerve pain.

Fewer Headaches

When your massage therapist focuses on your head, shoulders, and neck, you will almost instantly feel stress relief in these areas of your body. Less stress and tension in these body parts will help reduce the chances of headaches and migraines.

No More Muscle Tension

All massages are designed to relax your tense muscles. Muscle tension is common in pregnant women, and is caused by the extra weight of a baby. Thankfully, the massage therapist will focus on your soft tissues, which will help your muscles relax.

Stretch Marks

When your bump grows, your skin gets stretched out, which may cause stretch marks. Nevertheless, if you get massages that involve nourishing essential oils that soothe the skin, you won’t have to worry about stretch marks.

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