Massage for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Massage has always been a popular therapy, whether it’s for pampering purposes or more. The truth is, though, that scientific research is constantly uncovering new ways in which massage therapy can benefit our overall health and wellbeing.

• We know, thanks to plenty of research, that massage therapy is effective in reducing the symptoms of depression in HIV patients.
• It has been effectively used to lower anxiety levels in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
• It has been shown to reduce acute fatigue, as well as significantly reduce anxiety levels.
• Additionally, for military veterans dealing with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, massage therapy has been able to reduce the symptoms they suffer from.
• The research also shows that levels of irritability and tension are reduced following a massage.
• It’s an effective method of treatment to reduce work-related stress and the symptoms that accompany stress, such as tension, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain.

There are so many types of massage therapy available that just about every illness or disease is covered. There are various techniques designed specifically to treat specific issues.

The American Massage Therapy Association website can help you find a qualified therapist. You can search by technique and location, to ensure your massage therapist is qualified and the technique is the most effective for your particular issue.

It’s time that we take our mental wellbeing just as seriously as we do our physical health.

Our mind and body work in tandem to ensure we are healthy and happy, and able to maintain our lifestyle. With around 60 million Americans suffering from a mental health disorder, we can no longer ignore the impact mental wellbeing has on our society.

Our busy lives entangle us in an unhealthy cycle of stress, and chronic stress has a serious effect on our mental health. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol for relief from these symptoms, which worsen the mental health disorder.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many indulgences in life that aren’t also considered vices. We know that cigarettes and alcohol can contribute to health problems, no matter how much we may enjoy them and find relief in them.

Additionally, comfort foods like fatty desserts and fast foods may bring us pleasure, but we also know that they offer no nutritional value. So, finding an appropriate treatment for ourselves can be somewhat of a challenge. However, massage therapy isn’t just a pleasurable experience; it’s a treat that truly provides us with immense health benefits.

If you do suffer from mental health problems, then it’s time to consider booking yourself in for a massage therapy session. Whether you do so every couple of weeks or aim for every month. You’ll see benefits immediately, but with a regular regimen, you will see a cumulative effect.

If you don’t have an active mental health problem, there is nothing to stop you from booking preventative massage therapy treatments. Taking steps to relieve stress and purge toxins from your body is the best decision you can make for your mental wellbeing.

Forget celebrating your birthday or anniversary with a heavy meal and drinks at a fancy restaurant, why not go for a couple’s massage instead? What could be more pleasurable than enjoying serious relaxation that has real health benefits?

Whether you are looking for a preventative care measure, looking to celebrate a big life event, or you just deserve a treat, massage therapy will leave you feeling balanced and relaxed, providing you with a stronger sense of wellbeing.

Get well, get healthy…go get a massage!

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