Therapeutic Touch Massage at Zanctuary Massage Center

Therapeutic Touch Massage and Its Benefits

What Is Therapeutic Touch?

Therapeutic touch is a contemporary version of the ancient art of healing by the “laying on of hands.” This approach has been found throughout the world in places as far afield as India, Tibet, China, and Egypt, and has been in use for thousands of years. Christianity has used this approach and in medieval Europe Kings and Queens were said to have a royal healing touch that was considered a cure.

Therapeutic touch was “developed” in the 1970s by a gifted healer, Dora Kunz and her associate, Delores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., professor emeritus of nursing at New York University. They standardized the procedure, which meant that it has been subject to more studies than other forms of energy healing such as Reiki.

Therapeutic touch is considered to be a “biofield” therapeutic healing art, in that the rationale for the method states that the human body is composed of an energy system, which interacts with other human energy fields and the energy of the surrounding environment.

How Does Therapeutic Touch Work?

Therapeutic touch is based on the premise that the human body is made up of and surrounded by an energy field. This interacts with the energy fields of other humans and the energy field of the environment it comes into contact with.

It is believed that ill-health is a result of a disturbance in a person’s energy field and that rebalancing the energy will promote a state of good health. Everyone has the natural capacity to heal himself or herself and help others to heal themselves through the laying on of hands.

What Does A Therapeutic Touch Session Look Like?

A therapeutic touch session will last around 30 minutes to one hour and the recipient will remain clothed throughout. The practitioner usually starts the session by taking a few minutes and being centered in themselves, then doing an assessment of the energy field by sweeping the hands above the recipient’s body, moving from head to toe.

This is followed by the practitioner holding their hands over different parts of the body, usually without touch. The recipient may experience a feeling of relaxation. Some side effects include restlessness and irritability during a session.

What Are The Benefits Of Therapeutic Touch?

Because of its popularity in the nursing field, therapeutic touch has been subject to a number of scientific studies. These studies have shown that therapeutic touch is beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain and has been shown to be helpful in easing grief and even the dying process. Studies have shown benefits in alleviating symptoms of asthma, cancer, headaches, stroke, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome. More studies are needed.

Just in case you want to research other centers – Finding A Good Practitioner

The best way to get a recommendation is by word of mouth. Make sure your practitioner has completed the requisite three levels of training and a supervised mentorship. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe with your practitioner.

Therapeutic touch is a “re-invention” of the ancient art of “laying on of hands” and is based on the idea that we all have the innate capacity to heal ourselves. The practitioner helps to rebalance the body’s energy system, which in turn brings about a return to good health.

The benefits include reduced stress, anxiety, and pain. Furthermore, holding the hands above the body with a “no touch” approach is the most commonly used method. It can be a good complement to other forms of treatment.

Speak to your nurse practitioner or doctor about it if you have any concerns about it before you undergo this form of energy healing.

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