SYNERGY Stone Hot Stone Chair Massage

Because we have, and represent the Hot Stones made by SYNERGY Hot Stones, we thought it might be appropriate to introduce a great video on just how these stones work. ENJOY!

After years of performing professional deep tissue and hot stone massage with naturally shaped beach and river stones, Scott Wynn (LMP of over 22yrs.), set out on a mission to improve upon mother nature. Over the next 7 years, he sculpted over 100 specially shaped stone massage tools to discover only 5 would meet and exceed all expectations.

Contoured to fit over and around the curves of the body, these 5 stone tools, Scott trademarked as “SYNERGY STONES”, blend or “Synergize” soothing warmth, custom pressure and advanced massage techniques into an Ultra-Relaxing and Therapeutic sensation unlike any other.

Heated conveniently in a Microwave for 1-minute, between a BodyMed heating pad or in hot water, the heat lasts longer than any smaller stones and radiates quickly into the muscles for deep relief. SYNERGY STONES are perfect for Massage Therapists to make their job easier, and for anyone wanting to feel better daily… without working so hard.

As you’ll see, adding Synergy Stones to your professional or personal life, or “Synergizing” as we call it, brings enormous benefit for very little effort, beyond the obvious fantastic feeling of buttery smooth hot stone massage melting away the days’ tension and stress.

Whether you’re a massage professional, a Mother, a Husband, a Dancer, a Climber… the list goes on and on… We all have aches and pains and we all need a good stress relieving, body revitalizing, health-restoring massage now and then. SYNERGY STONES give you the tools to take your body into your own hands and target areas you need massage the most…

When you need it and wherever you are. Imagine the stress-relieving sensation of a soothing hot stone massage, but with both ultra-relaxing and therapeutic qualities of a deep-tissue massage. Discover for yourself why SYNERGY STONES and their HEAT-WAVE Massage Techniques are finding their way into the hands, and over the backs, necks, shoulders, legs, feet, arms and hands… of thousands of people just like you… and me.

Video and story provided by the founder and creator of SYNERGY Hot Stones.

Six Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

A natural bodywork therapy in which warmed stones made out of basalt are positioned on different parts of the body, typically along the spine, chest, stomach, feet, and palms.
Hot stone massages last somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes.

Muscle Relaxation
Your massage therapist will be able to manipulate your deep tissues much more effectively after your muscles relax properly thanks to the heat of the stones.

Pain Relief
The heat from the stones provides great pain relief and helps with many different pain conditions.

Mental Benefits
Combats anxiety and stress and promotes mental clarity and peace of mind, and may combat certain symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

Improved Sleep
Hot stone massage, like other forms of massage therapy help, promote relaxation to fight insomnia.

Improved Circulation
The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the body’s tissues opening blood vessels to improve circulation and deliver more oxygen to the muscles to help ease muscle pain and aches.

General Relaxation and Stress Relief
A hot stone massage melts away stress, and the accompanying aches, pains and mental turmoil that it brings and the relaxation response it elicits brings calm to the body, mind, and spirit to counteract the many negative effects of stress.

For your very own SYNERGY Hot Stone experience at Vancouver Massage Center, simply call in and schedule a session with one of our licensed and experienced massage therapists.

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