How Massage Therapy Heals Physical Pain

Massage therapy is the ancient healing practice with numerous physical and mental benefits.

Anyone who enjoys massage knows how wonderful it feels. It is truly one of the best and more relaxing treats we can give ourselves. However, massage goes Continue reading “How Massage Therapy Heals Physical Pain” »

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Dear Patients & Friends,

I know these are scary times. It is during these times we must be smart, careful and conscientious of our surroundings. It is during these times we want our cells, our immunity stronger than normal. During these times we must keep our faith in the miracle of Chiropractic and the power of our innate intelligence. The fact is, if all your cells are healthy, you are healthy.

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SYNERGY Stone Hot Stone Chair Massage

Because we have, and represent the Hot Stones made by SYNERGY Hot Stones, we thought it might be appropriate to introduce a great video on just how these stones work. ENJOY!

After years of performing professional deep tissue and hot stone massage with naturally shaped beach and river stones,

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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Massage



Top Ten Reasons To Get A Massage Video Voiceover Script

More and more research is providing evidence for the health benefits of massage and it has become a well-recognized and respected form of alternative medicine. Massage makes you feel great, and clinical studies find

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Massage Helps Improve Immunity

There are certain steps we take when we feel illness approach. When it comes to the cold and flu, we immediately set about dosing with Vitamin C, and washing our hands obsessively. Those are all great steps to take, but we forget one major ally in the immunity process.

When we think about massage, we immediately think about the relaxation that it brings, and how stress falls away like layers of an onion. Not only does massage relieve stress and improve circulation,

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